Have you noticed really beautiful pops of color beginning to pop-up in some of AC's most rundown places? Well it seems like Atlantic City has a secret admirer... or two.

Credit: Matt Crowne

AC Anonymous is a collaborative project taking place in Atlantic City.  The #ACAnonymous Movement started with local photographers putting up colorful pictures of Atlantic City on rundown buildings throughout the seaside resort.

The purpose: to bring photography showing the beauty of Atlantic City into neighborhoods, and alleviate the eyesore's of faded signs, boarded up windows, etc.

The photographers behind the project wanted to remain anonymous...
until now.

Credit: Matt Crowne

In April, the two members Matt Crowne and Kristian Gonyea revealed their identities.  They wanted this project to encourage people to physically go to a location in Atlantic City, and view the photo where it hangs and interact with the surrounding area.

I had the chance to speak with Matt who said that as of right now, things have been slow with the project as a whole since he started it back in just February. But now that summer is officially here, Matt is trying to make a push with the project and try and get one new image out each week.

Credit: Matt Crowne

With your help, this project will be able to expand throughout the city and help bring a touch of beauty to neighborhood blight on every block with larger sized prints!

With a goal of $2,000, they would be able to put up roughly 15-20 new photographs that are anywhere from 3'x4' and larger! Any extra funding will help this project continue.

To help spread the word to keep their initiative to beautify AC alive, you can share this amazing story, and you can also help with a donation! The guys have created a Go-Fund-Me Page in the hopes that the community could help contribute to the project!

Credit: Matt Crowne

More photos of this project can be found on Facebook and Instagram: #ACAnonymous

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