Why Creativity is Positive for Your Health
Whether you play music, paint, write, garden or cook, you know how great it feels express your creativity in a healthy way. In fact, for many of us, when we are creating something, hours can seem like minutes.
I used to paint with watercolors and now I spend time making an online family recipe book/p…
Who is Behind #ACAnonymous?
Have you noticed really beautiful pops of color beginning to pop-up in some of AC's most rundown places? Well it seems like Atlantic City has a secret admirer... or two.
Miss America Draws Herselfie
I am an artist and I am always hearing people say, "I wish I could draw or paint like you do, but I can't even draw a stick figure."
Sure you can!
It is so important that kids AND adults visually express themselves creatively, and I encourage them to do so whenever possible...
Watch Me Get Body-Painted!
I'm being very brave.  Bravery for art.  I recently met a very talented artist named Heather Deegan Hires for HeatherArtz.  I was so amazed by her body-painting skills that I decided to have it done myself.  You can watch me get painted this Saturday during the SoJO 104.9 Gr…