As we celebrate the birth of the United States, we give thanks for this wonderful nation. As citizens, we need to do our part to keep our country clean and improve our environment, starting with our own hometown. Here's is a great way for groups, businesses and all of us to keep our community beautiful.  Thanks to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), any person or group can adopt a county road, school yard or park in the local area. As the proud parent of this area, you are asked to clean and look after it. The ACUA will place a sign acknowledging the person/group that adopted that particular road or area. Check out my interview with ACUA president on Living Well With Robin Stoloff Sundays 9am-11am on Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG.

Anyone is able to join the Clean Communities process - as residents, schools, churches and even businesses have adopted roadways/parks to watch after! All cleaning equipment is provided for the group by the ACUA, such as safety equipment and tools.

This is a very easy way to help recycle in our local community. Americans  open millions of plastic bottles and use one billion plastic trash bags every year. It is almost impossible for plastic to decompose, so recycling materials like this, and many more, is crucial to a clean community.

Visit to apply to become a proud parent of a piece of our community, and be sure to look over all their additional information on other topics, such as water treatment, clean energy, and recycling!

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