There are certain driving distractions that are unique to us drivers here in South Jersey. With your help, we made a list of the Top 13 South Jersey Driving Distractions!

Here are The Mike Show's Top 13 SOUTH JERSEY DISTRACTIONS while driving. How many of your distractions are on this list?

  1. 1. Deer
  2. Avoiding Shoobies/People from Pennsylvania
  3. Pot Holes
  4. Toll Plazas
  5. People who don't have money ready at toll plaza
  6. Drivers who don't know how to use a turn lane
  7. Traffic Circles
  8. Wild turkeys
  9. Drivers that make U turns in middle of road
  10. Road Construction
  11. Sunrise / Sunset
  12. Summer Shore Traffic
  13. Tractors on the highway

Check out this video I shot in 2016, of a fire just off the Garden State Parkway - South Bound - near the Port Republic and Smithville exit. I would say this is a bit of a driving distraction, too.

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