In a little more than a week, tens of millions of United States citizens will celebrate the birth of the great country we live in. The Fourth of July, seemingly, starts the grilling and firework season and continues for the rest of the summer. Bright lights in the summer night sky and  the smell of hot dogs and burgers on the grill are staples of American life - but with these pleasures come hazards as well.

Lauren Crooks, the Assistant Chief at The City of Northfield Fire Department, was recently  interviewed on Living Well with Robin Stoloff and touched on the many dangers people will run into this summer. Fireworks, propane tanks, and grills all can be harmful if not handled correctly.

While enjoying your summer this season, keep in mind these quick tips on how to avoid an accident!

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    Fireworks can be a beautiful, exciting experience when handled by professionals - yet hold a potentially harmful result when being used by others. They are often misused and mis-handled by well-meaning people in unsafe conditions. Sparklers, for example, can burn up to 1,000 degrees and contain metal - yet many children will grab a hold of them this summer without realizing this fact.

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    Propane tanks

    Obviously, always grill outside. Before doing so, it is best to make sure there are no open flames around or near the grill. Also, don't keep the grill in a confined space. A propane leak will be easiest to tell by the smell of rotten eggs in the air. If that smell exists, a potentially dangerous situation is present. Lastly, DO NOT smoke when grilling.

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