Now that 2013 has neared the end, you've seen plenty of 'best of' countdowns.  But Entertainment Weekly has given its own rundown of the songs that polluted the music waters this year.  Do you agree?

As far as the Worst Albums, the list includes:

  • Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being II, which the mag calls, "An exhausting torrent of misogyny [without] any technical expertise or humor."
  • Icona Pop's debut, This Is...Icona Pop, which EW describes as "the sound of your two most annoying exes discovering keyboards and cocaine on the same day." The entire album is "pure cheerleading-based torture."

The list of the Worst Singles includes :

  • The Wanted's "Walk Like Rihanna"
  • Austin Mahone's latest, "Banga Banga"
  • Alison Gold's YouTube hit "Chinese Food"
  • LL Cool J's collaboration with Brad Paisley, "Accidental Racist," which the mag calls "schmaltzy," "smarmy" and stupid.
  • Ray J's "I Hit It First," a "breezily chauvinist" track in which he brags about having sex with Kim Kardashian before she became a household name.

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