5 Songs You Forgot Prince Wrote [VIDEO]
Prince's music catalog precedes him, there's no doubt about that. But he also lent some of his work to (and brought out the best in) other artists, some of his best songs in my opinion. Here are four songs you may have forgotten were written by The Purple One.
The 10 Most Timeless Songs Since 1950?
New research has drummed up a list of the ten most timeless songs since 1950. It's Throwback Thursday so we're sharing the list which doesn't include anything from The Beatles or Elvis, but the likes of Journey and even Coldplay. Read on and see if you agree!
The 10 Most Played Songs on SoJO in 2014
It was a great year in music!  As always, we loved fielding your requests via the SoJO request line, Facebook and Twitter, and getting a feel for the songs you seriously bonded to in 2014.  Here's a look back on the 10 songs that got the most airplay on SoJO in 2014...
Jason Mraz Debuts Three New Songs in One Video
Grammy winner Jason Mraz is getting closer to the July 15 release his new album, Yes!. To debut some of the collection's new songs, he's made a short film called We Can Take The Long Way.  The clip directed by Jeff Nicholas and Jonathan Craven features three brand new tracks from Mraz…
The Most and Least Enjoyable Songs to Drive To
My all-time favorite song to drive to is 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins (Hello!  Drum solo!), and my least favorite is 'Welcome to the Machine' by Pink Floyd (nerve-rattling when stuck in traffic). Everyone likes to crank up some tunes in the car, but it turns out that some of pop's biggest st…
The Worst Songs of 2013?
Now that 2013 has neared the end, you've seen plenty of 'best of' countdowns.  But Entertainment Weekly has given its own rundown of the songs that polluted the music waters this year.  Do you agree?
The SoJO Top 40 Songs of 2013
This year's countdown of songs (based on airplay over the past 12 months) begins and ends with the same artist this year!  Take a gander, and see if you can guess what single made it all the way to #1 on SoJO in 2013!
SoJO’s Top 20 Songs of 2012 [VIDEO]
It was the year that introduced us to Fun., had us all singing 'Call Me Maybe', and learning 'Gangnam Style'.  But which song was strong enough to be called #1 of 2012?  Let's take a look back with the SoJO 104.9 PopCrush Top 20 Countdown.
The Best Songs of 2012 in 4 Minutes [VIDEO]
A masterful new track called 'The United States of Pop' has been crafted by DJ Earworm, bringing together the the best songs of 2012 in just 4 minutes!  This is how Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Fun., Maroon 5, and more make beautiful music together!  Check out the must-see video!

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