See 'em, snap 'em and send 'em in! Here is another BAD PARKER and thanks to Amanda in Manahawkin for sending it to us!

This is what Amanda had to say about this display of bad parking...

It is SO BAD! And he left it running the whole time! UGH! I wish you could've seen the clown that got out of the car, greasy curly mullet and clothes too tight for his beer belly! This was taken at the Buy-Rite Liquors on Rt.72 in Manahawkin.


Well sir, you certainly DO suck at parking.

Remember, when you see someone who cannot grasp the concept of keeping it between the lines, like the rest of us in the civilized world, snap a pic and email to Please include you name and where you snapped the pic, so we can give you credit for being the awesome person you are.

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