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The Worst Songs of 2013?
Now that 2013 has neared the end, you've seen plenty of 'best of' countdowns.  But Entertainment Weekly has given its own rundown of the songs that polluted the music waters this year.  Do you agree?
Mystic Pizza Cast Reunites [VIDEO]
The year is 1988.  Julia Roberts is a virtual unknown, still a year away from starring in Pretty Woman, the move that would make her a household name.  But her role as Daisy Arujo in Mystic Pizza was the one the really showed how feisty and complex Julia could mold her characters.  The film about th…
Adele Tops List Of Greatest Artists
Entertainment Weekly has just released their list of the 30 Greatest Artists Right Now. 
Adele's recent rise to fame and her impact on the music industry gains her number one status, according to the publication, just ahead of Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Lady Gaga, and some surprising p…