Just when you thought we were getting a few steps ahead, we take a few steps backwards.


According to The Press of Atlantic City: 'Stockton President Herman Saatkamp confirmed Tuesday that Trump Taj Mahal is enforcing a 1988 legal covenant that requires that the former Showboat property be used as a first-class casino hotel.'


When Stockton bought the vacant Showboat property from Caesars, they were assured that the covenant was resolved.  Now, the building remains empty and if Stockton is unable to have classes on the island campus this summer, then the property will most likely be up for sale..........again.


This potentially could be another blow to Atlantic City, considering a college campus could open up new businesses that attract a young demographic.  More importantly, the vacant casino will continue to be one of the eye-sores that's hurting the city.


The clock is certainly ticking.  Stockton President Herman Saatkamp says,  'Stockton has about 2½ weeks before it has to sign contracts to begin work on the site if the school is to open a hotel this summer and the college by July.'


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