Can hanging with a baby goat “transform” a person?

Barbara Leone says yes. She and her husband own a goat milk farm in Stockton and when the pandemic hit there wasn’t a lot of business. She told the couple thought, “What if we had people come here? What if we did something with the goats?”

And just like that the Bubbly Goat of Stockton branched into somewhat of a petting zoo. Or a zen cuddling center? It's not just kids who are drawn to kids. (Baby goats are called kids.) Plenty of adults do this.

@thebubblygoatsoap via Instagram
@thebubblygoatsoap via Instagram

Leone saw it quickly become a thing.

“You watch when people get here and pet the goats and pick them up ... they’re transformed," she explains.

People can bottle feed them, too. She thinks humans are naturally drawn to goats because the animals are "silly and they’re fun ... they jump and leap around ... they’re happy creatures.”

They also offer goat yoga classes. Bubbly Goat says those classes are appropriate for ten years old and up.

@thebubblygoatsoap via Instagram
@thebubblygoatsoap via Instagram

Why should you?

This says it best.

If all this sounds like fun or at least like a great story, Bubbly Goat is located at 248 Locktown Sergeantsville Rd Stockton NJ. Their website is

Some goat fun facts:

Baby goats are standing and taking their first steps only a few minutes after being born.

Goats burp. Not just can burp, or might burp. They burp constantly. Loud, healthy burps.

Each baby goat has a unique call and a distinguishing smell and it’s this combination mommy goats use to find their babies in a crowd. Not by sight.

funny goat puts out its tongue

Goats can be taught their name and come when called.

They live about as long as a dog.

If you want one as a pet, don’t get only one. They are pack animals and very social creatures and grow deeply depressed without other hosts around. Best to just visit them and cuddle at Bubbly Goat.

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