There's a big ol' gorgeous Christmas tree on the North Beach end of Atlantic City boardwalk to enjoy for the first time ever.

That's right. The Atlantic City boardwalk has reportedly never ever had a real Christmas tree up in its 152-year history.

But that all changed Monday with the arrival of a balsam spruce to Showboat Atlantic City.

The tree, standing at over 50-feet tall, came all the way from North Carolina, according to a press release from Lisa Johnson Communications. The erection crew had a chilly, but blue-skies, sunny day to get it off a bed and lifted upright on the boardwalk.

Steve Freeman Photography
Steve Freeman Photography

The Christmas tree will be the centerpiece of Showboat's 'Holiday Extravaganza on the Boardwalk'.

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And a gigantic tree requires some serious decorating, and this one will be glitzed up with 8,000 lights. That's sure to get the attention of boardwalk strollers.

Showboat owner Bart Blatstein will illuminate the tree during a special lighting ceremony on Tuesday, November 29 at 6 p.m.

If you head to Atlantic City for the festivities, you'll be treated to live music, games and rides for kids, pop-up bars for the adults and free hot cider, refreshments and, of course, an appearance from SANTA!

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