It's that time of year again when we visit with family and friends to exchange gifts and eat delicious food,while enjoy each other's love and company. Unfortunately, holiday gatherings can mean overindulging, which can lead to added pounds in January.
The average American gains one to five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's day, and many times, those pounds stay with us.

Temptations abound at parties this time of year, but the celebration doesn't have to mean overindulgence.  Although we are in the midst of the eating season, making some good choices can help us avoid that dreaded holiday weight gain.

As the famous phrase goes "A minute on the lips, forever on the hips." Thankfully, we have six tips to keep you on track at the next holiday party.

  • 1

    Limit Appetizers

    It is okay to have appetizers, but we should limit them and save room main course before overdoing it on the appetizers. Also, do not stand near the appetizer or snack table.  It is too easy to pick on everything without even realizing you are eating.

  • 2

    Don't Go to a Party Hungry

    Before going to a party try eating some fruits or vegetables and some protein, which helps to keep you feeling fuller.  A  hard boiled egg or some turkey are both good choices. You are less likely to overindulge if you have a little food in your system.

  • 3

    Be Choosy and Don't Overload

    Instead of going for that big plate, go for a smaller plate and only choose the foods that you really like.  Using a smaller plate will limit how much you pile on.

  • 4

    Buddy Up

    If you are a person who loves sweets, share your dessert with friends and family who are right next to you. This can stop you from eating it all to yourself.

  • 5

    Bring A Healthy Dish

    Bringing a healthy dish to the holiday function like vegetables and salsa, whole grain chips, or even a salad can help you in the long run. If you eat your healthy dish a long with the food that is at the party you are balancing out your diet.

  • 6

    Limit the Booze

    It goes without saying alcohol is high in sugar and calories, especially heavy holiday drinks, such as spiked egg nog. Alternate drinks with non-alcoholic beverages.

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