The family of giraffes at Six Flags Great Adventure is growing again, with the birth of the fourth giraffe calf this year.

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Yep, it's been a veritable BABY BOOM for the giraffes at Six Flags Wild Safari in Jackson, which is now home to a dozen giraffes.

courtesy Six Flags Great Adventure
courtesy Six Flags Great Adventure

Sierra was born to mom Muraya on June 2nd, and recently made her debut in the Wilde Plains section of the Great Adventure Safari. Sierra and her safari 'siblings', Phyllis, Embu, and Soda, have all been born within a year of each other, according to Six Flags.

Of Sierra, Safari Veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer says, “She is the latest in an exciting string of giraffe births here at the safari, and we are thrilled that all four calves are being raised by their mothers."

Sierra is already 200 lbs., and can grow as big as 1,500 lbs. And, at six feet tall, she's taller than ME!

By the way, if you were curious, a group of giraffes is called a “tower”. I actually never knew that!

courtesy Six Flags Great Adventure
courtesy Six Flags Great Adventure

If you'd like to see Sierra and the other Six Flags Great Adventure giraffes in person, you're invited to take part in the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure. You can make a reservation and purchase tickets here.

Sadly, Six Flags and the International Union for Conservation of Nature reports that, in that giraffes living in the wild are becoming more and more vulnerable, experiencing what is called a “silent extinction event".

SOURCES: Press release sent to SoJO 104.9 courtesy of Kristin Fitzgerald, Communications Manager at Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari and Hurricane Harbor

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