The Philadelphia Zoo just shared the most adorable photos of their newest addition, a baby giraffe, named Bea. Bea not only makes for the perfect early Christmas present for the city this holiday season but when you see the photos you're going to be obsessed with her too.

This holiday present is quite large, of course. Standing at over eight-feet tall, the 15-month-old giraffe weighs in at over 1,000 pounds.

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The baby, which is named Bea arrived in Philly on November 20th from the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee. Bea resides with her new herd mates in Philadelphia, 18-year-old Stella, and 11-year-old Abigail.

It’s expensive to feed the animals of the zoo, as you can imagine. In fact, with over 2,500 mouths to feed, the Zoo’s annual grocery bill is over $500,000.

Philadelphia Zoo

So you can “adopt” one of the zones giraffes for $50 or $75. Click here to learn more. Adoption purchases help the Zoo buy monkey chow, trout, honey, mealworms, and much more!  

Philadelphia Zoo

By the way, last fall, Beau, a young male giraffe born was at Philadelphia Zoo in June 2018. He moved to the Cape May Zoo in the fall of 2019, and the zoo announced he's doing quite well. Beau is doing great and living with a larger herd in Cape May Zoo in New Jersey, the say.

The Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest zoo in the nation. Last year they welcomed more than 1.25 million visitors. For more information or to purchase and print tickets online, visit them at

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