You have probably seen a variety of different types of yoga events all over social media. There is beer yoga, wine yoga, goat yoga, sunrise yoga, etc. Now you can center your chi among the animals at the Cape May County Zoo. This event has gone on for the past few years at the zoo and has become a popular one.

If you are a yoga extraordinaire or a beginner, all are welcome at this unique experience. As of now there are two yoga events this summer, both on Saturday mornings. Honestly waking up with animals, sounds like a great idea to me.

On Saturday July 13th and August 10th you can join yoga instructor Lisa Chetalo for "Yoga in the Zoo." They do not provide mats, so bring B.Y.O.M. and don't forget your water.

Yoga is a $20 donation to the animals of the zoo and starts at 8:45 AM before the park opens. The site says to meet up at the zoo's gates to be brought to the class. In the past, the location of yoga depended on the amount of people attending. However, they guaranteed you would be close to the animals. The website shows that the next two yoga classes will be inside the reptile house.

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