One of a New Jersey animal refuge's longtime residents has passed away, leaving a hole in the hearts of volunteers and visitors.

He was a lion with a name that fit his magnificence: Simba.

Simba The Lion at Popcorn Park Animal Refuge NJ
Popcorn Park Animal Refuge/Facebook

Yes, like The Lion King. The big cat was beautiful and regal.

Simba, The Magnificent Lion Who Calls Forked River, New Jersey Home

Simba lived at Popcorn Park in Forked River, New Jersey for nearly 10 years. He reportedly came to the refuge malnourished from a facility in Alabama where he was no longer able to be cared for.

But over a decade, Simba formed a special bond with staff at Popcorn Park. They say on Facebook that he had a loud and proud roar that could be heard for miles.

"Simba was very personable and when we'd walk by he'd always get up to greet us", said John Bergmann, the park's Executive Director.

Bergmann told that Simba would 'go on a full run to get to the fence and see you, like a house cat rubbing up against your legs'.

Beloved Popcorn Park Zoo Lion Simba Passes Away

Rainbow Bridge and Lion
Thinkstock; Canva

Popcorn Park broke the sad news on Tuesday that Simba has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Executives at the refuge tell that although Simba experienced worsening renal failure, at 20 years old he had lived a LONG life and essentially passed away from old age.

How I regret never having the chance to meet Simba before his passing. Those of you who did are so lucky!

Popcorn Park Animal Refuge remains home to two other big cats.

No, you can't keep one as a pet. See below. Lol.

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