"OMG" doesn't seem to cover the expression that comes over us looking at a litter of Siberian tiger cubs just born at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.

These babies are positively ADORABLE!

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I'm paralyzed from cuteness, lol, just watching one of these tigers be bottle-fed by zookeepers at Six Flags.

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Siberian tigers are becoming rarer each year as one of the world's endangered species, NJ.com reports.

So, the fact that five of them were just born in captivity at Great Adventure right here in the Garden State is a magnificent thing.

Couldn't you just stare at their fluffy faces ALL day? There's just nothing like these creatures on earth! I just want to hold one ONCE in my lifetime.

If given the chance, I'd name them all after the Spice Girls, even if they were boys: Emma, Victoria, Mel B., Mel C., and Ginger! What would you call them?

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