Fidget spinners are the latest craze among children causing quite the distraction in school. As a result, schools are beginning to ban these toys from classrooms.

For those who do not know what a 'fidget spinner' is, it was originally intended for children with autism/ADHD as a way to help children concentrate. This is how it looks:

Fidget spinners have been around for awhile, but lately children everywhere have been trying to get their hands on them (so are their parents). As a result, children are getting distracted and teachers are taking them away.

As of now, 11 states have banned fidget spinners in schools, according to Working Mother.

Schools understand that these toys are intended to help children with anxiety and concentration issues. But, as one teacher points out on Working Mother: "one spinner isn't distracting. But when everyone has them, they're not assistive. They're just the cool thing, like trading cards."

Still, a toy that is meant to help children with ADHD/autism and/or anxiety and concentration issue shouldn't be banned from school. While, I do not have children - I do have friends who suffer with anxiety.

It would be great to hear from our listeners what their views are on schools banning fidget spinners. Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

Listen to Listener Terry's thoughts on Fidget Spinners:


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