It happened just last week.

Schools and communities went out of their way to calm and assure parents and children that social media threats were not considered viable.

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School security and police all over South Jersey - and elsewhere - showed their support and offered protection to students after posts on TikTok seemingly showed threats of violence at schools.

Earlier this year, schools were the target again. This time, TikTok users were encouraged to destroy school bathrooms. Egg Harbor Township school officials (and those from other districts) say they saw the destruction in their buildings.

The common denominator in these and other recent problems? Social media - specifically TikTok.

Ten years ago we didn't have this problem. There was no TikTok. Social media was not as prevalent as it is today.

Is it time for moms and dads to take a stand?

You know, you can limit your kids' exposure to social media, right? You know that's an option, right?

Would you be willing to start monitoring their interactions on the devices? Would you be willing to see that TikTok and other Apps that seem to be causing problems would be deleted from their devices?

Would you take a stand?

Hear me out - this is NOT censorship. It's parenting. Would you be willing to go that far to protect your kids from harm?

Yes, I know it's 2021 and things are different than they were 10 years ago. The plot, though, remains the same: as a parent, it's your job to raise your children and keep them safe from harm.

Would you be willing to take that big step? We want to know. Please answer our poll and let us know what you think!

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