Bridgeton, New Jersey school custodian Giovanni Impellizzeri is in even more trouble. Read the latest.

25-year-old Impellizzeri, of Vineland, Impellizeri, who worked as Elizabeth F. Moore Elementary School's janitor for more than four years, according to, is already in hot water and facing multiple criminal charges.

He stands accused of urinating on cafeteria food and utensils the last week of October, and also contaminating those things with feces and bleach, and rubbing bread eventually served to students all over his body including his genitals. Oh, and he filmed himself doing it and posted video to social media.

He's already been charged on five separate counts for his alleged crimes, including second-degree official misconduct, third-degree aggravated assault, tampering with food products, endangering the welfare of a child, and attempted endangering the welfare of children.

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Now, additional charges are reportedly being tacked on involving sexually explicit content of kids, reports.

According to authorities, Impellizzeri is not accused of producing any child porn, but he allegedly had materials in his possession that he also shared with others.

On Wednesday, the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office reportedly tacked on  Distribution of Child Pornography and Possession of Child Pornography charges to Impellizzeri's case.

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