This story will warm your heart and, just maybe, restore your faith in humanity a little bit.

We don't deserve dogs, lol. They're just too wonderful creatures.

Meet Jimmy. Jimmy is a beautiful, fluffy, 2-year-old Golden Retriever who's just been added to the staff at a Special Needs school in Bellmawr.

Jimmy is a specially-trained therapy guide dog who reportedly comes to Larc School from the Guide Dog Foundation and America's Vet Dog Program, according to 6abc.

What makes dogs like Jimmy so special is their ability to 'look past the students' disabilities' as well as 'motivated to give them the help they need to live without boundaries', according to Guide Dog Foundation's Cheyenne Whitetree.

Jimmy the Guide Dog will enrich the school environment of Larc students and faculty, spending four hours a day there assisting in their therapy sessions and being a source of comfort, reports.

When the school day is done, Jimmy will spend his nights at the home of someone on the Larc School staff. Lucky them!

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It's clear to see from Jimmy's introduction to Larc faculty that the bonding between them has already begun. It looked like love at first sight! 

What a wonderful thing for students with Special Needs to get to see him every day at school. There's nothing the love and affection of a dog can't make better. Larc School has been serving individuals with special needs since 1968.

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