Call 911!  He got robbed!  A new fan survey by by Forbes magazine says Mr. Met has dethroned Philly Phanatic as 'America's Favorite Sports Mascot'.

Seriously?  A guy with a giant baseball for a head nosed out our furry green friend? 

His name is The Phanatic for a reason.  We're fanatical for this cheerleader!  Kids love him too!  You never see tots crying next to this guy the way they do over Santa Claus or Easter Bunny!  I demand a recount!

Mr. Met is not nearly as cool as Philly Phanatic.  Not by a ballpark yard. Phanatic's got cool, he's got suave, he's got moves!  He's funny, and self-deprecating, and he can ride circles around the competition!  He is an institution, and in the hearts of true Phillies fans, he'll always be tops no matter what some stuffy magazine says.  Hope will always be kept alive for a baseball season of dreams on the wings of this ambassador.