Step aside New York City, Philadelphia has been named as the best city for Millennials to live in.

According to Forbes, a new survey has named Philadelphia the best city for Millennials. Why? Well, it reportedly has a below average unemployment rate and a large supply of affordable housing!

Which makes sense why it's so appealing! Forbes also mentions that millennials are typically attracted to cities that have a thriving job market, affordable housing, and rent! In the survey conducted by ABODO, it breaks down other things like: public schools, LGBT friendliness, and (believe it or not) pizza.

In the Forbes article, Sam Radbil, communications manager at ABODO, says, "Millennials are career driven.[sic] Despite Millennials’ reputation for being lazy or entitled they care about the job market and their careers. They are looking for a place that is affordable.”

Finally! Someone isn't bashing millennials! It's greatly appreciated.

Read the full article on, it's pretty cool.

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