Philly sports teams continue to show up for each other, including during Game 6 of the Phillies NLCS series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Yep, members of the Philadelphia Eagles AND the Phillies have been partying at each other's stadiums and having a blast doing it.

During Sunday night's Eagles game, Phillies centerfielder Nick Castellanos was spotted at The Linc watching the matchup against the Miami Dolphins alongside his son Liam.

Monday night, as the Phillies attempted to clinch a World Series berth over the Diamondbacks, Eagles center Jason Kelce and tackle Lane Johnson offered their support at Citizens Bank Park. They even showed up to the game sporting the recently 'signature' Phillies overalls and hanging out with the Phillie Phanatic.

ESPN/YouTube; Canva
ESPN/YouTube; Canva

Yeah, there appeared to be some pounding of beers as well, lol.




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For all the good it did. Game 6 was a crippling loss for the Phillies, and so we go to Game 7 (for the first time in franchise history) back at CPB Tuesday night where they, hopefully, can get the job done and drive the snakes from South Philly once and for all.

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