Forbes Magazine has released their list of top 50 richest self made women in the United States. Two of these women happen to be from New Jersey!

First off, big shout out to 2017 being the year with the highest amount of self-made rich women in HISTORY!

According to Forbes, these two New Jersey women, Victoria Zoellner and Jamie Kern Lima, are on the same list as Oprah Winfrey, AND Beyonce. Oh, and they have a combined net worth of almost $1 BILLION, according to

Victoria Zoellner of Alpine, NJ is chair of Alpine Associates, an Englewood Cliffs-based hedge fund company she started with her husband 40 years ago. Now, she's number 36 on Forbes list with a new worth of $500 million.

Next up, is Jamie Kern Lima of Jersey City. Does the name sound familiar to you? No? Well how about IT Cosmetics? Well, Jamie created the problem-solving makeup line and sold it to L'Oreal for $1.2 billion last year. Now, Jamie made history as L'Oreal's FIRST female CEO. In addition, IT Cosmetics is also the top makeup brand on QVC. Jamie is listed as number 41 on Forbes list with a net worth of $410 million.

Big round of applause to these two, and all 50 women listed!! This song goes out to you: Source: Forbes |

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