Dear North Jersey and South Jersey Residents Who Say Central Jersey is a Myth,

I could complete this letter with just two simple words, you're wrong. I have spent countless hours defending the existence of Central Jersey, which may seem like a waste of time and energy to some, but for me, it is well worth it. I grew up in Toms River which means I have a very confused identity. When I've asked friends from North Jersey if Toms River is North or South Jersey, they would quickly respond with South Jersey. If I ask the same question to friends from South Jersey they would quickly respond with North Jersey. See the dilemma?

If these are the responses I receive how can Central Jersey exist? The rational response is that it must be so.

North Jersey starts at the Driscoll Bridge and South Jersey starts at South Toms River.


Language comes into play when differentiating North, South, and Central Jersey. What is New Jersey's favorite breakfast meat called? If you live in North Jersey you would say Taylor ham, if you live in South Jersey you would say pork roll, and if you are from Central Jersey you would call it pork roll. Both North and South Jersey go grocery shopping at the grocery store, while Central Jersey goes food shopping at the food store.

Do you put sprinkles or jimmies on your ice cream? North and Central Jersey would agree that they are sprinkles (as would 99.9999% of the country), but South Jersey natives call them jimmies. Do you mow the lawn or cut the grass, because in Central Jersey we use both phrases. Say water for me, yup the three sections on Jersey say it all differently.

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The accent you have also divides North, South, and Central Jersey. Do you say "caw-fee," "coffee," or "cahw-fee?"

If North and South Jersey have distinct words and phrases they use that differ from each other, but the middle part of the state uses a combination of all of the examples above wouldn't that mean a Central Jersey exists? If we don't fit into either group, that means we are a group of our own.


A Central Jersey Native

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