It's embarrassing to admit, but I spend too much time chasing the ice cream truck in my Galloway, New Jersey neighborhood, yet I still have NO ice cream.

There I sit, TV on low, Spidey Senses or high alert, listening, waiting, hoping to hear that sweet melody played by the ice cream man.


Some nights I never even hear it. Because some nights he doesn't drive down my street. Other nights are when the humiliating behavior presents itself. Those are the nights I HEAR him, RUN to grab my money, but by the time I get outside he's nowhere to be found.


The other night, I ran outside in slippers, watching him turn a corner onto another street, my arms waving trying to get his attention. But like in a bad dream where no one can hear you, the ice cream truck just keeps on driving...further and further away.

It's just a standard ice cream truck. And I'm too old to be chasing ANYTHING. All I'm looking for is custard on a cone or an ice cream sandwich. There are lots of kids on my street. But he only ever seems to make ONE pass per street per night. Hey, ice cream man! Why not take a second lap?!

It would be a mutually beneficial transaction! HE'D get my money, I'D get my ice cream.


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So, to the Galloway ice cream truck driver who frequents the streets off Jimmie Leeds Road near Stockton University, come my way, won't ya? I just don't feel like Mister Softee would leave me hanging this way. Maybe I should give him a call.


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