Just because you have the right to say something and just because it's a free country, doesn't mean you should be a jerk for no reason. Hi trolls, this one is for you. When the Bill of Rights was written, they did not take into account that almost 230 years later people would be jerks just for the sake of being jerks. I bet if they wrote the Bill of Rights in 2020 that might reconsider that one and add a few asterisks.

I love social media, I am the typical millennial that spends way too much time scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. I'm not too proud to admit that. What infuriates me more than anything else, is people who say stupid or mean things because they can.

Has social media made us that desperate for attention that we would rather people hate us online rather than not know we exist? Why do we care that Karen from New Zealand knows that you have a bold, probably exaggerated for effect, opinion? Leaning into that shock factor is getting old.

It is such a toddler-like reaction to defend your jerky statement by saying you said it because you can. Are you five? No? Okay, then start acting like an adult and choose your words wisely.

Hiding behind the veil of freedom of speech is a poor excuse. Telling someone to scroll past if they don't like your opinion usually means you made an outlandish opinion just to get someone to notice you.

Real-life is filled with enough negativity, you don't need to add to the pot by being an unkind jerk online.

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