Taylor Swift has dropped her newest video off of her Lover album, "The Man." I was looking forward to the video since the song is my favorite on this album and one of my favorite Taylor songs of all time. It's a close call between "The Man" and "All Too Well." I digress. The first time I heard "The Man," I found myself nodding my head over and over again, not to the beat of the music, but rather in agreement. As a woman who, like every other woman, is expected to be a "good little girl" it has always frustrated me that guys can get away with things because "boys will be boys." That is such a lame excuse.

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Women are held to a standard that is, in fact, a cruel double standard. The dreaded "b" word is used like it might go out of style to clock a woman when she's being "crazy" or too demanding. Taylor's new song and video call out that double standard and is pretty much shredding the rule book to create a new code of conduct.

  • 1

    Famous women are expected to be role models.

    Have you ever noticed that when a woman does something that may be on the taboo side the internet jumps at her throat calling her out for not being an acceptable role model? What happens when a guy does the same thing? The internet shrugs because "boys will be boys." Why is it every woman's responsibility to be a role model, while the men can do whatever they want and almost praised for it?

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    We look forward to mens' comebacks.

    When a man messes up we immediately talk about the comeback story. Let's use Tiger Woods for example, almost immediately after the incident with his ex-wife occurred and his golf game suffered, we were looking forward to his comeback story. I am not saying that this is wrong in any way, shape, or form, I full-heartily believe in forgiveness and understanding that we are all humans and we all make mistakes. However, how come this does not get extended to women?

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    When a woman is stern at work she is a "b."

    Holding your ground, saying no, and not putting up with nonsense, immediately makes a woman a Disney villain. I'm sorry is understanding your own worth something only reserved for men? Saying no is a liberating action, that needs to be done by women more often in the workplace.

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    Good looking men get away with the most.

    If you're a good looking man you get the benefit of the doubt nine times out of ten. People seem to be more receptive to a good looking guy and give them a bit more leeway when it comes to their actions.

  • 5

    It's exhausting being a woman.

    Men have fewer "rules" than women do, which is exhausting. Until you throw up your hands, say I give up, and stop caring about society's standards for women, you will never not be exhausted by the hypocrisy.

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