Over the weekend, police in Millville found a dead dog inside a crate that was tossed into the woods and abandoned. I'm sorry, but when I hear about stories like this, I cannot hold in my anger.

Dear heartless, soulless, person,

What were you thinking? You put a pit bull puppy into it's cage, with it's puppy sweater on, with it's leash, on a blanket lettered with the words 'love' and 'joy', and then left it in the woods. The dog is dead now. Was it dead before you abandoned it? I hope so. Because if it wasn't already dead, then the poor thing whimpered, bit, scratched, clawed, and suffered to free itself. If those were the circumstances you are a complete scumbag leaving a defenseless baby animal's life to end that way.

If that puppy died in your care, shame on you. Take it to a shelter, take it to a fire station, or I don't know, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. You either bought that dog or sought it out for adoption. Either way the puppy's misfortune was ending up in your possession. 

So, how did it die? Did you starve it? A puppy newly away from it's mother that needed love, affection, attention, BASIC NEEDS like food and water and shelter? That puppy was clearly born into a world where it would never know any of that safety. If you couldn't handle the responsibility then you should have done the RIGHT THING. 

But instead you chose to be inhumane. You chose to be an a-hole. You chose to treat this dog with no dignity, thereby doing the same to yourself. While I sit here on the verge of tears writing this letter, I hope you're wracked with guilt over your actions. But somehow I doubt you're the kind of person who would.

Maybe I'm rare. Maybe it's just that I would hurt myself before I'd ever hurt any animal, let alone one I have as a pet. They are like my babies. They cannot speak for themselves, so they cannot tell you when they're hurting. It's your job to prevent that from happening. There is just simply NO EXCUSE for this.

I hope someday there's a system in place that prevents pet owners from doing what you did. And, whether this dog was dead or alive before it ended up in it's crate in the woods is no matter. You're a despicable human being, and I hope the cops catch up with you.


Someone who actually gives a sh*t.

P.S. If you have any information that could bring this dog's owner to justice, or you want to turn yourself in, you're urged to contact Millville Police Department at (856) 825-7010.

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