If some of the North Jersey beaches have smoking bans, why doesn't everybody else have one?

That's a question that I keep hearing often.


I also hear, why does the Government have to always insist on taking away our freedoms? If I choose to smoke, that's my right.  If you're breathing second-hand smoke, then walk away.


I can understand both points of view, but let me also add that I can't stand walking over cigarette butts on my beach.  (I live on the Atlantic City boardwalk).  Some people have abused their privileges by littering, and now all smokers will most likely suffer the consequences.


A total smoking ban sits on Governor Chris Christie's desk, he has given no indication if he'll sign it or not.  While it bans smoking on all New Jersey beaches, it allows beaches to have a smoking section.


Violators would get fined $250 for a first offense, $500 for a second offense and $1,000 for subsequent ones.


What are your thoughts?


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