Kids in South Jersey just getting their summer vacations started. But, with that time off from school can also come concerns over food insecurity. Here are a dozen grocery items local food banks and food pantries need to have restocked to serve the community.

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Many kids rely on school meal programs during the academic year. During the summer, those kids may have the same access to food, and could go hungry.

From peanut butter and rice, to kid-friendly items like fruit snacks and cereal bars, there are many items you can donate to help your local food pantry or community food bank offset hunger during the summer months.

As a result of the pandemic, food banks and pantries are constantly struggling to replenish their supplies to feed the more than one million residents living with food insecurity, reports.

And once students get out of school for the summer, those food banks and pantries help to nourish families in districts where school meal programs aren't extended when school isn't in session.

So, while you may think of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas as being the times of year when the food banks and pantries need the most donations, summer is just as important to help them restock the shelves.


Below you'll find a list of grocery items in need right now. Of course, if you're unable to drop off items in person, monetary donations are always useful and greatly appreciated.

ATTENTION PARENTS: If you need information of where to find summer meals for your family, click below.

12 Grocery Items New Jersey Food Banks and Food Pantries Urgently Need

When food banks and food pantries in New Jersey are looking for donations to restock their shelves and serve the community, these are the items they're often in need of.

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