Zagat is out with a new survey of dining habits, and it's revealed some interesting statistics . A lot of numbers relate to  gripes and pet peeves.  Read how many you might be guilty of.

Noise is The Biggest Bummer...

Perhaps restaurants should start giving out ear plugs. Noise was by far the #1 complaint, with 30% of surveyors saying it's the thing that irritates them the most (and a full 72% said they actively avoid eateries that are too loud).

...But Service Is a Close Second

Some of the main gripes voiced by diners focused on the service:

  • Inattentive staff: 17%
    Slow service: 14%
    Rude staff: 12%
    Plates being cleared before the table is finished: 11%

Another 8% said that rushed service was their primary complaint.

Photos Are Ok, Texting - Not So Much

It turns out that all of that photo taking in restaurants (and subsequent social media updating) is fine as long as it happens in moderation, as per 58% of our surveyors. Though be careful, 11% say it's rude and inappropriate, so you don't want to start snapping when you're at the table with them. Speaking of things not to do, keep that phone hidden - 54% say it's rude and inappropriate to text, Tweet, email or talk on your phone during the meal.

The survey also determined that diners in New York City are eating out on average four times a week.

What else bothers you about restaurant dining?  Comment in the box below and let us know.

Statistics courtesy of Zagat.comRead the full survey.

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