There's something infuriating and seriously dangerous going on outside a particular Dollar Tree store in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, and someone's going to get hurt.

I pass by this Dollar Tree in Clementon two times a day, sometimes more. So, this rant isn't born out of a one-time frustration. This is, in my opinion, a chronic problem, and I can't be the only one noticing.

The Dollar Tree store I'm referring to is located off Blackwood-Clementon Road in the Cherrywood Plaza. It's located directly next to the now-vacant K-Mart.

Cherrywood Plaza Located in Gloucester Township, NJ
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Firstly, let me point out that from the parking spaces to the front door of the store is roughly 30-40 feet. Because there are not many stores left in this shopping center, especially near the Dollar Tree, you never have to park very far.

Now, for my beef. Shoppers are endlessly parking their cars in the fire lane directly in front of Dollar Tree. I've witnessed cars running out front (with a passenger or driver inside) and witnessed totally unoccupied vehicles just PARKED there. It's rarely just one car committing the infraction.


Then, there are what I call the 'Dollar Tree Zombies'. Those shoppers that come out of the store and don't even look before they out into the road to get to the parking lot.


So, couple the cars parked in the fire/loading zone, and people who don't watch where they're going entering or exiting the store, and it's a catastrophe waiting to happen.

I pray not, but eventually an accident is bound to happen.

Also, I don't see this going on at any other shopping center in South Jersey.

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Not to knock GTPD, but I see cop cars patrolling the shopping center often and I've not yet seen a one of them attempt to clear the cars from the fire lane. Maybe it's happened, I'd just like to see it happen more often.

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