As if! Look, South Jerseyans tend to get offended easily, but it's just because we're picked on so often. See if these things resonate with you.

From being compared to North Jersey, to constantly being asked 'What Exit?', to drivers who don't know how to negotiate traffic circles, we asked our South Jersey listeners to tell us what part of being a resident of this part of NJ annoys them the most. And, honestly, the answers track.

I've lived here ALL MY LIFE, first in Camden County and now Atlantic County. I'm a Jersey 'down the shore' girl, not a 'to the beach' girl. And, for the love of all that is holy, it's PORK ROLL! Lol.

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Do you agree with these 29 things that was always annoy someone from South Jersey? And what else would you add to our list?

29 Things That Will Always Annoy a South Jerseyan

North Jersey, Shoobies, and slow drivers really annoy people from South Jersey.

Which of the above things annoys you the MOST?

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