Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend time with family, and also wearing stretch pants to fit all the delicious food. But, you can make healthy snacks out of your leftovers if you are feeling a little guilty.

Women's Health Magazine gives three simple and healthy ways to keep your Thanksgiving leftovers without having to throw them away.


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  • 1

    Pumpkin Pie Toast

    All you have to do is scoop the pumpkin pie filling and spread it on toast with Granny Smith apple slices and chopped walnuts...sounds better than dessert!

  • 2

    Cranberry Yogurt

    This is the most under utilized food on the Thanksgiving table, at least in my family. Use cranberry sauce and mix it with Greek yogurt, and now you have a health snack!

  • 3

    Turkey Lettuce Wraps

    Most people love to make sandwiches with left over turkey, but how about some wraps? Its almost the same minus the load of calories!