Did anyone else laugh at the title? No? Just me? Okay, moving on.


While so many people disagreed with the advice, the CDC stood firm following their original tweet with one explaining that the most efficient way to prevent the spread of those germs is to make sure your meat, poultry, etc. is cooked properly and thoroughly.

Thanks for the advice, CDC, but do you really think anyone intends to intentionally undercook their meal? They sure don't. Also, another thing.... it's called BLEACH. Clean your kitchen after you handle ANYTHING raw that could potentially house infections and bacteria. Isn't that, like, Cooking 101?

If you plan on taking the CDC's advice, don't invite me over for dinner. Thanks, but no thanks. If you have a reason for not washing it before preparing it, message me on our Facebook page to tell me why. Click HERE.

Source: Twitter

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