A common side effect of having COVID-19 is the loss of a person's sense of taste and/or smell.  A new cookbook has arrived to help those recovering from the virus enjoy food again.

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I've unfortunately known quite a few people in my inner circle who got COVID. While they're symptoms before, during, and after varied, one side effect that they all seemed to have in common was a loss of smell and taste.

Could you imagine not being able to smell or taste your morning coffee, your pizza, or anything you liked to eat and drink with little to no timeline for when those senses might return? Is this something you've been dealing with?

A new cookbook called Taste & Flavour is the brainchild of British authors Ryan Riley and Kimberly Duke . It's described as a cookbook 'to inspire those experiencing changes in taste and smell as a result of Covid'.

So how does it work if your taste and smell are compromised? The recipes in Taste & Flavour aim to awaken taste buds with pungent ingredients like cinnamon, wasabi and mint, according to 6abc.com. Foods like onions, garlic and chocolate have been left out of the recipes, since those items reportedly have a tendency to taste foul to people lacking a sense of smell and taste.

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Taste & Flavour is available now at lifekitchen.co.uk.

After COVID-19, how long did it take for your sense of taste and smell to return? Or, hasn't it yet? Let us know in the comment box below!

SOURCES: lifekitchen.co.uk; 6abcactionnews/Instagram; 6abc.com

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