If you see someone having a heart attack, you should probably stop whatever you're doing and help them.  Right?


At least I think that's the right thing to do.


Earlier this week, a man from Moorestown saw a woman in her mid-50s on the side of the road, clutching her chest in pain.  So he pulled over to help.



She said she was having a heart attack, so he helped her into his car, and told her he'd call for help.  But before he could, the woman told him she felt fine, and walked off.



And a few minutes later, the man realized she'd stolen 60 bucks from his car.



The police are trying to track her down, but they don't have much info,  just that she's a thin white woman in her mid-50s.



With that vague description, sadly, I don't think anybody is going to catch her.  If you have any information at all, you're asked to call Mt. Laurel Police (856) 234-1414.

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