Ever dreamed of having your face on a cereal box like gymnast Mary Lou Retton and swimmer Michael Phelps? A couple of employees at the ShopRite in Mt. Laurel now know what that feels like.

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Mt. Laurel ShopRite store associates Susan Johnston and Erin Suders were recently recognized by ShopRite Partners in Caring and General Mills for their efforts to fight hunger in their community.

It's an annual event, and this year's theme, a Cheerios cereal box contest, was 'Ending Hunger Together'.

BML Public Relations
BML Public Relations

In what must have been an exciting moment for Susan, Erin, and their fellow ShopRite Mt. Laurel employees, an in-store ceremony recently took place where the women finally got to see the Cheerios box that features them and several other local ShopRite associates.

It's such a wholesome thing to want to help those in the community experiencing food insecurity, which is why being featured on a Cheerios box feels equally as wholesome.

SJ ShopRite Workers to Be Featured on Cereal Boxes

Last September, ShopRite employees worked together to raise donations at check-out lines, which added up to $1 million for regional food banks in several states, according to a press release from BML Public Relations.

Additional winners were selected from ShopRite locations in Egg Harbor Township (English Creek), Galloway, Marmora, Rio Grande, and Somers Point.

BML Publishing
BML Publishing

Susan, Erin, Store Director Ray Lotierzo, and everyone at Mt. Laurel ShopRite deserve the recognition their getting, and I don't blame them if they're giddy about being featured on a cereal box. It's the coolest thing ever. And we applaud their collective efforts to make life a little easier for those struggling with hunger. Congratulations to all the ShopRite South Jersey employees who were recognized. WELL DONE!

SOURCES: BML Public Relations (press release); newsroom.shoprite.com

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