In the end of an era, a longtime, once highly popular, clothing retailer is pulling its stores out of three South Jersey shopping malls.

There's a lot of depressing shizz going on in the world right now and I'll add this development to it.


I'm an Express girl through and through. It's the first place I shopped at when I was able to buy clothes with my own money. Not only is Express STILL my go-to clothing store, but I still have pieces from the chain I bought in the late 90s that have held up and that I refuse to part with.

Express Clothing Retailer to Close 100 Stores Nationwide

Express Stores Closing in NJ
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So, you've got to imagine my shock in hearing the news this week that not only had Express filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but the retailer will also sacrifice 100 of its stores, reports.

That's right. Express will be closing 100 locations nationwide and unfortunately New Jersey will not be spared.

Like, what have I done to deserve THIS? Lol.


Sorry, not sorry for the dramatics.

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What Express Clothing Stores are Closing in South Jersey?

Express Clothing Chain To Close Approximately 100 Stores
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Several shopping malls in South Jersey will be losing its Express store, according to

Express inside Deptford Mall, Deptford, NJ will close.

Deptford Mall, Deptford NJ
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Express inside Moorestown Mall in Moorestown, NJ will close.

Moorestown Mall, Moorestown NJ
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Express inside Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing, NJ will close.

Hamilton Mall Mays Landing NJ
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This will be a particularly tough loss for Hamilton Mall which just saw the permanent departure of American Eagle in January.

In nearby Philadelphia, PA, Express stores at the Fashion District off Market Street and at 1521 Walnut Street will close.

Excuse me, I've got to go cry in my coffee now (and shop the online Express sales).


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