Two men from South Jersey are in big trouble with the law, both arrested and facing multiple charges, for allegedly manufacturing and trafficking guns.

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One of the men was reportedly selling homemade automatic shotguns and pistols, according to

36-year-old Francis Hillsee, of Mt. Laurel, Burlington County, and 55-year-old David Bibler, of Haddon Heights, Camden County, caught the attention of federal investigators for working together to make and illegally distribute firearms. Each of the men were found to be in possession of a machine gun, reports.

Other disturbing items including a gun silencer and ammunition were also discovered by federal authorities. Hillsee and Bibler were recently taken into custody and among they charges they face are conspiring to manufacture and distribute firearms without a license and possession of a machine gun. Each count of conspiracy reportedly carries a five year max prison sentence, and upwards of $250,000.

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For a more comprehensive list of charges, click here.

It's unnerving to know that scenarios like this are playing out in South Jersey neighborhoods. There are certainly more. David Bibler and Francis Hillsee are just the latest to get caught. Kudos go to federal and local law enforcement for getting these illegally manufactured and distributed guns off the street.

SOURCES: via Gloucester Twp. Patch/Facebook

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