A man on a racist rant taunting his black neighbors in a video that's since gone viral is bringing shame on South Jersey this week, at least is you check out YouTube.

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On Friday, July 2nd, a 45-year-old Mt. Laurel man named Edward Cagney Mathews was captured on video hurling racial slurs at a man and his family at the condo complex where they both live.

Mathews can be seen egging on the man he was confronting to try and hit him, while the man repeatedly holds up his hands and asks to be left alone. The exchange went on for several minutes until the arrival of a police officer. Even then, Mathews continued to spew racial slurs, at one point even telling anyone who watches the video being recorded of the incident to come to his home, publicly giving out his own address.

And, that's exactly what happened. A group of protestors showed up on Cagney's doorstep to confront him in person. Mathews reportedly tried to step outside and assuage the crowd by apologizing for his racist outburst towards his neighbor, claiming he was drunk at the time. But, that apology fell on deaf ears.

Mathews was himself arrested while the protest was still in progress, earning cheers from the crowd. The protest got out of control after Mathews was walked out of his home in handcuffs, with people throwing bottles threw his apartment window. Other protestors denounced the violence.

All this lead to a succession of videos on YouTube dedicated to the crime. When I searched 'South Jersey' on YouTube last night, the video of Mathews racist rant at his black neighbor and news coverage of the incident was all that could be found in the thread. While I won't post video of the full encounter here in this story, you can click below to view it. However, I warn you, it's incredibly disturbing and viewer discretion is advised.

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Instead, I'll share a couple of the news clips and opinion pieces we found while scrolling the 'South Jersey' search on YouTube. Not only does Mathews think he is above anyone of color, but above authority, too.

*SoJO 104.9 and its employees condemns all violence and racism.

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