The pressure is on for Valentine's Day!   People often feel the need to make sure they get the right gift or plan the right date night. However, even more important than a once-a-year celebration of your love, is the commitment to your relationship every day. 

Yet, with the hectic pace of family demands, work obligations and social commitments, it is not always easy to find time for each other. Just because you've finally settled into the comfortable stages of a relationship doesn't mean it's time to stop putting in an effort to keep things exciting.

You never want to feel your partner slipping away, and there are a number of daily habits you can do that will help keep the romance alive in your relationshipHere five ways to make sure you prioritize your relationship all year long.

One important tip for the men - when she says she doesn't want anything, she doesn't really mean it.  If she doesn't tell you, figure something out Even if it is just a card and a bunch of flowers,  DO NOT show up empty-handed.   A little effort goes a long way.

  • 1

    Schedule a regular Date Night

    Whether once a week or once a month, put in on your calendar. get tickets, make a reservation or just plan on a fun night in together.

  • 2

    Try Something New

    How about a dance class, a hike in the woods? Breaking routines and trying new things releases oxytocin in the brain.? This natural boost can also help make a relationship feel fresh and new. Researchers have found that trying new things with your partner can help prevent boredom, make you feel closer to your partner, happier with your relationship, and more satisfied with life in general.

  • 3

    Be Thankful

    It is important to do nice things, but also important to appreciate it when your partner does something nice for you.  A little gratitude can go a long way.

  • 4

    Have Some Fun

    Couples who laugh more are more satisfied in their relationships. Try a comedy the next time you're choosing a movie for date night, come up with playful nicknames, and the next time that your partner says something that bothers you, try responding with a joke instead of getting defensive.

  • 5

    Do Something Nice

    Offer help and support. When your partner is busy, take over some of the shared duties - make the dinner, put the kids to bed, or take care of some chores that have piled up. Buy a card, write a note, do something special. If your partner is going through a tough time, be there to provide support.

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