The struggle is real when you're a college student. That's why these 3 Stockton juniors turned to Craigslist seeking a home cooked meal, and people responded!

It wasn't too long ago since I was in college, and I remember how helpless I was when it came to food. But maybe not as helpless as these boys!

Basically, they got tired of frozen meals and sandwiches, so they decided to head on over to Craigslist for some help. They were ready to exchange labor or being their "child" for the day, just for a hot meal.

And the response they received was overwhelming! Over 100 people sent over food to help out these students.

But I have to applaud these students for what they decided to do instead. The boys have now switched their plea to sending food donations to hurricane victims.

A funny story turned into an altruistic one. Way to go boys.

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