At some point every little girl admires a princess. Whether it’s the beleaguered Cinderella or Snow White, or a tougher one a Jersey girl can get behind like Rapunzel in Tangled or Tiana in The Princess And The Frog or Merida in Brave.

Once upon a time, in a Garden State of a few years ago, such a little girl had a daddy with an amazing talent. He could build. He could build anything. And build he did. He built his child an amazing bed that looked just like a castle. It was complete with a curving staircase and a balcony to overlook the kingdom.

But as in all great story books, pages turn and new chapters begin. The little girl was growing up and a new bed was to be made. The daddy looked across his kingdom and wondered who might look after his castle. He’d spent so much time creating it and it was so beautiful that it would be a pity indeed to have the castle sit empty. Surely another Jersey princess would sleep magically inside.

The year was 2019 and the town crier was replaced by Facebook. Thus our story begins...

I admire any father who has not only the skill to create something this special but also the patience to see it through. Like many dads, I can tell a good princess story but building this would be way beyond me. If he can’t sell it I hope they can store it and maybe his girl’s own daughter can enjoy it someday. This castle bed definitely deserves a happy ending.

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