Craigslist has some crazy stuff, man.

On the site, you can buy, sell, discuss, look for a job, look for a place to live and more.

You can also get some free stuff!

Let's take a look at the oddest thing i found available for free right now on Craigslist: South Jersey.

 A "Golf Club."


OK.... I play golf and I don't call that club a "golf club" - I call it a putter. I never knew you needed a model to sell - or give away - a putter.  It certainly is an interesting tactic, no?

Craigslist South Jersey
Craigslist South Jersey

Hey! That's not how you swing a putter! You really don't swing it at all.

Wait! I just read the description of the item.... and.... I....just....realized....something:

Giving away free golf club
I'm 4-10 tall so I cant use it
If you want to see more of me lol I have onlyfans. com/foglove69


Well, there you have it. A "free golf club" on Craisglist. Huh.....



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