Immunizations are one of the most life-saving accomplishments of the 20th century. National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is a way to keep people aware, and celebrate the benefits that come with vaccinations.Check out this list of vaccines recommended by age. For more information, you can check the National Immunization Awareness Month Toolkit created by the National Public Health Information Coalition.

  • Babies and Children

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    Vaccines at this stage in someone's life are arguably the most important. This allows the children to be safe from serious disease, as long as an immunization schedule is followed properly. When a person is extremely young, a scheduled being followed is best for a child's health. . Schools, preschools, and other child-care places are more likely to have illness spread, which is why it is so important. Babies receive vaccinations that help protect them from 14 diseases by age 2.  Here are the vaccinations needed by age 2.

  • Preteens and Teenagers

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    There are four different vaccines that preteens and teenagers can use to stay healthy growing up.

    1. Meningococcal conjugate vaccine, which helps protecct against meningitis and other blood infections.
    2. Human Papiloma virus vaccine, which protects against cancers caused by HPV.
    3. TDAP vaccine, which helps protect tetanus, diphilena, and the whooping cough also known as pertussis.
    4. A flu vaccine, which protects against the seasonal flu.

    Vaccinations for teens and preteens are just as important for them as they are for young children and babies.

  • Adults

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    We often think vaccines are only for kids, but they are also vital for adults. Healthy adults still can get sick and pass it on to others where it be in a education, work, or even a home environment.

    Teens get the TDAP vaccine, and adults need a TD booster every ten years after.

    At any stage of life, including adulthood, it is still very the seasonal flu vaccine is recommended. It is especially important for a pregnant woman to get flu shots, as it keeps the baby in the healthiest environment if the mother is healthy.