The popular amusement destination Clementon Park and Splash World closed it's 2019 season ahead of schedule, and it's uncertain when or if it will ever reopen.

It's fate seems up in the air.

Last week, I told you about a Philadelphia family who purchased tickets online for Clementon Park's fan appreciation day, arrived only to find it closed and deserted. The park's website had events scheduled through October.

A spokesperson for the park reportedly told KYW News Radio that it's unclear if (or when) the park will open in the Spring of 2020, and that there is a chance the park could be sold in the meantime.

The reason why, though, seems to be a mystery. Is the park not making money? Is attendance down? Does the Oklahoma-city based Premier Parks LLC think condos on the water would benefit Clementon better than an amusement park?

With the potential that Clementon Park could be closed forever goes a piece of my childhood. I would ride that Jack Rabbit roller coaster until I threw up my funnel cake. It's been around since 1907. So I hope the rumors aren't true.


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